Our mission is to be a leading local and regional provider and distributor of quality petroleum products to meet and exceed customers and stakeholders expectations through aggressive strategic marketing with quality products and services at competitive prices to provide the best petroleum product value for consumers with great regard for the conservation of the environment.


Our vision is to be the best performing petroleum product marketing company in the East African region and beyond its borders.


In the achievement of mission and vision, we have committed a set of core product policies, which will guide the entire key decision making, activities and behaviour at both the corporate and individual level. These quality policies include:

  1. Upholding ethical performance and maintaining high levels of integrity
  2. Annually, quarterly, monthly review the quality service objectives to meet customer requirements.
  3. Enhance customer satisfaction through provision of quality products, teamwork and services
  4. Commitment to meet the expectations and satisfaction of our customers
  5. Equal opportunity for our employees and customers
  6. Develop and equip a team of professional qualified staff and human resource capital advancement
  7. Conserving and protecting the environment
  8. Professionalism and Quality Management System (QMS) requirements and good conduct
  9. Ensure 100% compliance to national standards on the entire range of marketed oil products
  10. Understand our customers’ challenges and commit continually to solve through efficiency and effectiveness of the quality management system and mechanism
  11. Enhance sustainable growth in profitability and shareholder value